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Though nurses are backbone of any health care process, their working environment were very bad before the emergence of INA. With very less payment, overworked with most working in almost 15 hours shift a day, facing many harassment from higher medical officials and patients, unethical bond system, the stories of nurses were very pathetic which was unknown to the public. Though many small unions worked in between them, their voice were too weak to attention of the authorities or media. But many back to back incidents against nurses around the nation which grabbed the attention of media forced the leading political parties to make statements giving support to nurses. This lead the small unions to unite and work together for the betterment of nurses which lead to the establishment of INA on 31st March, 2012. Now INA has units all over the country with over 5 lakhs members.


Appointment of Dr. Balaraman Commission

After a long struggle and protests, first time in the history of Kerala that the state government appointed a commission to study the problems faced by the nurses working in private hospitals in the state. Read more

Kothamangalam Strike - the biggest one in India

The strike with last 117 days, the biggest strike by nurses in India was held at Mar Baselios Hospital, Kothamangalam in Ernakula district, Kerala. The strike was for pay rivision, 3 shift duty and against bond system. Read more

Strike at Kannur for pay revision and 3 shift

In October, 2012, Kannur, a city in northern Kerala witnessed the strike of nurses from four major private hospitals simultaneously raising voice for pay revision and 3 shift duty, which was another successful one in the history. Read more

Appointment of Veerakumar Committee

As a result of successful strike at 4 hospitals in Kannur, the Kerala Government was forced to appoint a commission lead by the joint labour commissioner Mr. Veerakumar to study about the working time and shifts of nurses. Read more

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